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Indian Springs Eye Associates is dedicated to the treatment of dry eyes in and around Indiana, Pennsylvania, and the discomfort and vision impairment that accompany this condition. Our doctors and staff are qualified professionals with experience diagnosing and treating dry eye syndrome.


No two patients are alike! We customize treatment to each individual. Our goals are to control or eliminate the symptoms, improve and preserve visual acuity, and prevent complications secondary to inflammation and evaporation of the ocular surface.

Every eye is unique, and your symptoms may include a few or many of the following:


•Blurred Vision

•Red Eyes

•Itching or Burning Sensation

•Soreness or Pain

•Foreign Body Sensation

•Gritty or Sandy Feeling

•Sensitivity to Light

•Discomfort When Wearing Contact Lenses


When any of these symptoms occur often, or continue over a period of time, it is important to see a doctor.

Dry eye syndrome is the most common disease we see in our Indiana, PA office. More people than you think are affected by this condition.  You may have an increased likelihood of dry eye syndrome if you...


•Live in a Dry, Arid Environment    

•Wear Contact Lenses    

•Use a Computer Often    

•Are a Post-op Surgical Patient    

•Take Medications such as Oral Antihistamines, Anti-Depressants, or Hormone Replacement Therapy    

•Are Over 50 Years of Age    


Over 70 million people have been affected by dry eye syndrome. While women and people over 50 are more likely to suffer from it, anyone can have dry eye syndrome. Dry Eye Syndrome can be aggravated by environmental and lifestyle factors, such as smoking, prolonged computer use, dry air, and exposure to chemicals or dust.

Do you have dry eyes?

Who gets dry eye?

How we can help

The right treatment for your dry eyes depends on a number of factors and the symptoms that you experience. There are many treatment options available to address the symptoms and work to increase or retain your own natural tears. The most common therapies are artificial tears, lubricant ointments, and punctal occlusion. In some cases, more advanced therapies, such as oral and topical medications and nutritional supplements are used.


Indian Springs Eye Associates has installed a TearLab® Osmolarity System and our staff has been fully trained on the use of this breakthrough technology.  We are one of the first in the area to be able to provide TearLab testing for Dry Eye Disease (“DED”).

The first step

If you suffer from dry eyes, the first step is to call Indian Springs Dry Eye Center For Excellence in Indiana, Pennsylvania, to schedule a consultation. Discuss your symptoms with  our doctor, who will take the time to accurately determine the cause of your symptoms and discuss your treatment options with you.


Get the help you need to see more clearly and make your eyes feel more comfortable. Call the Indian Springs Eye Associates at 724-471-4856.